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Student Only Entrance For Big Blue Boys Basketball Games

Effective January 7, 2020, Hamilton High School is implementing a “Student Only” entrance/gate for its home boys basketball games. This entrance/gate will operate in a similar fashion to our safety practices that have been previously established for our home varsity football games. 

All students, both home and away, must enter the Hamilton High School Athletic Center through the marked entrance located on the front side of the building. Students who are of school age and unaccompanied by an adult must enter through this area. Students must enter through either door AA or door BB. This area is pictured below. 

Upon entering the lobby, all students will be asked to empty their pockets and place their belongings in a container while being scanned with a metal detector wand by a member of the Hamilton City School District safe and secure staff or administration. Upon clearance for entry, students will enter the building where they can purchase a student admission ticket for $5.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Hamilton High School operating a student only entrance/gate for admission? 

The Hamilton City School District, along with Hamilton High School, places a great emphasis on school safety to ensure that all of our buildings and grounds are a safe environment for all. We have taken a proactive approach to focus on school safety through a collaboration with the Hamilton Police Department to ensure that all our venues are safe and secure for events. 

Who should enter through the student only entrance/gate? 

Any student age spectator or student that is unaccompanied by a parent guardian must enter through this entrance/gate. 

When will the student only entrance/gate open? 

The student entrance/gate will open at 4:00 pm. 

When will the student only entrance/gate close? 

The student only entrance/gate will remain open until half time of the varsity game. At that time, the safe and secure monitors will move to the main entrance and any students who enter at that point would be wanded at that point and location. The main ticket entrance will remain open through the duration of the varsity game. There will be no free entry. Re-entry will be permitted with proof of ticket stub. 

Can I bring my backpack in to the game? 

No, students/spectators are not permitted to bring backpacks into the sporting event. 


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