Booster March Madness Square Sale Fundraiser

The Hamilton High School Boosters will be conducting an NCAA March Madness square sale fundraiser this year.

All proceeds will directly benefit the Hamilton High School Boosters and the children, programs, and teams at Big Blue.

You will have 63 chances co win!!!

It is easy….Pick a square for only $20 and if your number matches the final score of a game in that round, you win! 

Round of 64 Payout = $5  

Round of 32 Payout = $10

Sweet Sixteen Payout = $20

Elite 8 Payout = $40

Final 4 Payout = $80

National Championship Payout = $150

Booster March Madness Square Flyer

Click HERE to view the available squares!

Support the Hamilton High School Boosters!

See Justin Beck or Tyler Belew to purchase a square!

All proceeds benefit the HHS Athletic Boosters!

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