Jenny Holland has earned the Anna Harvey Booster Spirit Shop Award

Hamilton High School Senior, Jenny Holland, has earned the Anna Harvey Booster Spirit Shop Award for the month of December.

Jenny was nominated by Head Softball Coach Steve Heckman. He wrote: Jennie is truly the heart and soul of “Big Blue.” Jennie is a member of the softball team, and has been extremely spirited and dedicated to our current weights/conditioning workouts. Jennie has a “can do” attitude about our workouts. She is always one of the players leading the way, and is typically Coach Kalugyer’s example in describing a current workout exercise. Jennie is very coach-able, and is a source of positive spirit and leadership for our team.

Jennie is also extremely involved in leading the “dog pound” cheer section for our other sports. She is always front and center, and doing her best to cheer on the Big Blue. During basketball games, Jennie can be seen wearing the distinctive Blue and White overalls that identify her as the leader of the dog pound!
Through victory or defeat, in times of success or challenge, Jennie retains her positive spirit and is a proud member of the “Big Blue Family”.

Congratulations, Jenny! Enjoy your $20.00 gift certificate to the Spirit Shop!

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